3 Tips for homebuyers in a low inventory market:

February 13, 2022

3 Tips for homebuyers in a low inventory market:
Pick a buyer’s agent you trust and stick with them.  When I earned my license in 2002 I set out to prove that a great agent doesn’t cost you money. They SAVE you $. They also save time and scary stories by helping you dodge pitfalls for years to come. In California, most agents are compensated by home sellers, not buyers. That’s right, your representation is generally fully paid by the seller. That commitment happens when the owner lists the house for sale, so you likely aren’t saving any money by showing up without representation. There aren’t many places you get a price break in Ca, but this is a little-known (Fun!) fact. Why not take advantage of your real estate tour guide? They speak the language, know the nuances even Google doesn’t know, and it doesn’t even cost you a thing! 
**New construction representation works differently.  Ask and we’ll fill you in.
Dual Representation is frowned upon in multiple offer presentations in the North Bay market. We aren’t lawyers and we don’t practice law, but for comparison…would the defendant ever hire the plaintiff’s attorney to represent them?? In a competitive market, homebuyers are looking for a leg up. Some approach us asking if we would represent them on a purchase of our own listings. While we would LOVE to help you with a successful purchase and want nothing more than to see you prevail, it’s not in your best interest. If we represent the seller, we’re happy to align you with an agent who is unusually knowledgeable about the property and neighborhood, and more qualified to represent your best interests in the particular transaction.
Stand out.  With fewer homes to meet the high level of demand, does it make sense that every qualified buyer’s agent has several clients stacked up for popular price ranges? Aim to be the 1st one they call. The 1st who declares they want to submit an offer. This ensures you’ll be the first call if they hear of an off-market opportunity that you’d be interested in.  It’s ok if it takes a while to find the right home or narrow down your wish list. This is a critical step and we’re happy to be patient. The market, on the other hand, is not. Putting your best foot forward on the right home helps us best represent you. If it’s not the right home, you won’t offend us with productive feedback. We’ll be happiest when you secure the right one!
Where to start? AttainREGroup.com. We’ll get you up to speed quickly so you can navigate the process at your own pace, with our resources every step along the way. Homebuying is personal. We’d love to help!

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